Only for Fanni :)

Hello guys! I'm writing this post in english now, because Hanna wanted me to do this :) And like you all know, I always do what my sister says :D 
So I start with my really cool Sleepover Party on Friday. In the end we were around 10 AuPairs and we had lots of fun! Actually I can describe my whole weekend in just one word: food! 
On Friday we all ate lots of pizza and icecream and chocolate and popcorn. You all know how it is when there are 10 girls sitting, eating and talking. Some of the slept at my house, so the next morning was a relaxing breakfast for everyone. (Started with chocolate.) 

After that I drove with Johanna and Linnea to Wellington. We just walked around and had a good time looking into the shops :) On our way back home (Johanna lives in Porirua, so we both took the train back) Johanna invited me to come to a birthday party of her friend, another AuPair. She had plannend to play a game during here birthday dinner, so that it was like a crime dinner. You need 6 people for this game and because one of the others were sick, she asked me if I want to join them! 
I was just 5 minutes at home, changed my clothes and went to the birthday party. More food! :) Juhuu! I was just eating all the time :D The birthday present for here were pancakes with Nutella all you can eat! So yeah, in the middle of the night I drove home with a really full tummy :) Sunday I just relaxed at home and cleaned the house. 

So, how was my week? Really boring.. Of course this week I started to be sick, too. It is really impossible not to be sick, when everyone here is coughing and sneezing all the time :D In addition there were no AuPair outings this week, so I just stayed with Siena at home. She is really sick as well and can't really breathe. Poor little thing.. On Wednesday Siena and I were so sick, that Nina stayed at home. I think that really helped me, because I could sleep much longer and just relaxed the whole day. The only good point this weekend were Marie and Jessie :) They are in Australia now, so more in my timezone!! We skype and talk a lot. That is so cool and I really miss all of you. 

Yes, now my week is over and my weekend starts! :) On Monday is Labour Day here in New Zealand, so I don't have to work. I'm going visit to New Plymouth with 3 other AuPairs this long weekend, we will start tomorrow :) Oh and yes, I have started to sew an Advent Calender for the boys :) I'm so exited about Christmas in summer!

So Fanni, I hope you liked my post. :)

See you soon! Svea :* 

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    Hanna (Mittwoch, 29 Oktober 2014 15:05)

    Danke wie lieb von dir, und du hast nie das gemacht, was ich von dir verlangt habe!:D♥

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    Jessie (Montag, 10 November 2014 03:50)

    Wir haben schon so lange nicht mehr mit einander gesprochen :( Ich vermiss' dich! Hoffentlich hab ich bald mal wieder vernuenftiges Internet! Drueck dich, Spatz.